WSO2 API Manager

API Manager

WSO2 API Manager allows you to define, publish, manage and secure your API endpoints. During API definition you can use SOAP endpoints with WSDL syntax or REST endpoints with Swagger definition and automate your endpoint creation! Security is managed by authentication protocol OAuth2 and can be defined on granular level - application, user, endpoint, method. API Manager also provides posibility of bandwidth throttling, monitoring, analytics, remote user store and separate authentication server.
Natively support multitenancy and is open-source!

Do you need API Management?

API Management is not easy task to solve. You can expose your sensitive information, get hacked by vicious bot or get disconnected by Distributed Denial of Services (DDOS) attack. To prevent this, you have to implement for each backend server security layer, which will check, authorize and manage incoming requests. It cost time, money and you have to update and maintain your security layer on multiple places during each version update. It is slow and not optimal.

In this case, its benefical for you to manage your API at single place which you can easily extend and audit for security reasons. For this there is WSO2 API Manager. Secure, robust, scalable, fast and open-source solution.

With this solution you can secure every endpoint of your back-end application which you expose to outside world. This backend applications will be protected by API Gateway which is included in API Manager and you can define, who has access and under which conditions. No backend modifications needed! This will strongly increase your security and robustnes of communication between backend servers and clients.

This server is open-source and more part of WSO2 integration platform. We can help you analyze, prepare and setup working solution for you to help you manage your APIs better!