Informatics and software systems for everyone in year 2023

My apologies to visitors of this page. As covid crazines started I didn´t have time to properly update this page and so many projects left with no updates for long time. Anyway, in year 2023 my plans are to put more effort to expand this site. Specially, I would like to publish short section of usefull links for open-source software, encryption and tools which anyone can use to protect his privacy. In addition to that I would also like to write short snippets news from IT world about what is going on and what we can expect.

Updated: 21.07.2023


Software & Programming

Video hosting, search engines, blogs

Resources in czech language (České zdroje)

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Zend Framework (ZF Future)
Bootstrap CSS Framework
jQuery Javascript Framework
Non-Profit Certificate Authority
Open-Source Operating System
Java Programming Language